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    Senior Rep Program

    • Free Rep Session (required) & optional Free Full Session (not required, but nice bonus!)
    • VIP Pricing (saves 20% prints and digital collections)
    • $50 Referral Credit for each referral (Credits are valid on orders placed before 12/31/12. Credits are awarded when the session retainer is received from the new client.)
    • Web-sized proofs for Facebook and other social media websites (20 images after 1st session, and every image ordered after sessions are completed)
    • Complimentary Memory Book with five (5) referrals
    • $50 Cash for every five (5) referrals
    • Complimentary iPad with 15 referrals

    **So for example, when you refer five (5) people, you receive: two (2) sessions, VIP Pricing, $250 Referral Credits toward your order, web-sized proofs, slideshow, Memory Book, and $50 Cash…plus chances to win prizes in the gift card drawings! That’s OVER $1200 in FREE benefits, PLUS the VIP discount, the web-sized proofs, and the chance to win other prizes!

    • Rep Session to be completed in Spring 2012
    • Optional Full Session to be completed before 9/30/12
    • Referral Credits are accumulated through 11/30/12
    • Orders must be placed by 12/31/12
    • $100 security deposit is due at the Rep Session (the full amount is applied to your order)
    • If the Memory Book is not earned by 11/30/12, it must be returned or purchased by 12/31/12
    • You may not promote any other photographer or studio or accept a representative position from another photographer or studio during your participation in this program.
    • The purpose of this program is to promote Kari Layland Photography. You are responsible for generating referrals to earn your Rep Benefits.
    • A referral is any student that states your name as the referring Rep, and qualifies as a referral when the session retainer is received from the new client.

    • After acceptance into the program, the Rep Session is completed during the Spring of 2012.
    • At the time of your first session, a $100 security deposit is due to release your Rep Cards and Memory Book. The entire amount is applied to your invoice when your order is placed.
    • The images from your Rep Session are completely retouched and published in an online gallery for you to share with family and friends. You then receive your Rep Cards, Memory Book, and web-sized proofs.
    • Refer people. Show your Memory Book to everyone and pass out your Rep Cards! Show off your images and slideshow on Facebook or other social media websites. Tell other students how fun and relaxed your session was and what else you liked. The best time to pass out your Rep Cards is when your friends are excited and looking at your pictures. Rep Cards can be given to 2013 Seniors at any school – not just your own. If they ask about prices, you can tell them there are a variety of packages to choose from, and if they have other questions, just have them look at my website or email me.
    • If you choose, you may schedule a complimentary Full Session any time before 9/30/12.
    • I’ll track your Referral Credits and other Rep Benefits earned through 11/30/12. Your order must be placed before 12/31/12. If you choose to place your order before 11/30/12, you may apply any Referral Credits and Rep Benefits earned up to that point. Any additional earnings may be applied to an additional order to be placed before 12/31/12.
    • To complete the Rep program, I ask that you find at least five (5) people from the Class of 2014 Seniors to recommend for next year’s Rep program.


    If you think you'd make a great Senior Rep, please click on the following link to apply for the job!  Application