The baby stages are so fleeting, it's important to capture them before baby has moved on and into the toddler years. Around 6-8 months is the perfect time for a portrait session. Baby can sit independently, while still doing all those adorable things that make him a baby. The way a 6 month old plays with her toes, that belly laugh, the big innocent eyes, those chubby thighs and dimpled hands, the cuteness is just too much to resist!
If I were to choose one time for my baby to be photographed, it would be 6-8 months old. You get a glimpse of her personality, while overflowing with innocence. As my children approach school age, this is the time I miss the most from when they were little.
At the 12 month session, this is the last time baby will be photographed as a baby. It's a big deal! Most of my clients at age one will choose to do a cake smash to celebrate baby's graduation into toddler hood. Baby gets to be all messy and enjoy a a treat all while looking crazy cute. After the cake smash, we clean him up in a little washtub which also makes for adorable photos. Before or after the cake smash, I'll photograph baby alone and possibly with family. If baby is walking this is the perfect time to capture action shots of those wobbly first steps.
Ask about the Baby Milestones Program, which includes a Newborn, 6-8 month and 1 year session to document all of baby's big first year milestones.

Baby sessions are done in studio, or outdoors. My studio is set up to provide a variety of looks. I have backdrops for a classic look, plus furniture and a bed set up for a casual, natural homey look.