Amazing Early Booking Perks!

When you make your reservation by June before your senior year (for a senior session taking place that year) and agree to have your images published (social media, website, etc) you get these awesome perks, for FREE!

  • Prom Photo Shoot - A prom event is held at the studio once a year for my seniors. Book early enough and participate your junior year too! Prom sessions may or may not be on the day of your prom. You'll get a couple of social media images for sharing, and any images you choose to order will apply to your senior portrait collection.

  • Pre-season studio session - Each year I set up a theme in the studio and invite my previous year seniors as well as my new upcoming seniors to pop in for a fun studio session. Each year is a bit different - this year we're doing something colorful! Book your senior session in the springtime before senior year (senior session can take place in summer or fall, just book it early!) to take advantage of this fun bonus session!

  • Referral Bonuses - Parents will love this one. For each person who sees and loves your photos and decides to reserve a session of his/her own, you get a $50 credit toward your own order. Use it to get the items you really want, like a gorgeous album, Wall collage, or extra digital images.

**Participants in the perks program agree to share photos from your sessions on social networks with a link to this website. Please inquire with any questions!