Team Composites

Create a dynamic team portrait to commemorate a great year! If you're looking to upgrade your team photos and give them an extra punch, something that stands out, look no further! I love creating masterpieces that make teams look amazing and fierce!
I photograph each team member/athlete in my Cottage Grove studio. They're photographed individually with great lighting and dramatic effect in both a strong standing pose as well as some creative "in action" style poses, then I use these images to create stunning team composites. They look amazing hanging at the stadium where they play, the hallway where they perform or practice, and each team member has the opportunity to order individual and team photos to use as personal keepsakes.

Team composites start at $250 (10 or fewer players) with poster and banner design and a 4x8' team banner OR 4 individual 2x3' banners included. 10-20 players starts at $350 and includes a 4x12' banner or $300 in credit toward individual banners or posters. Booster clubs typically cover this portion, with families ordering Individual portraits starting at just $16 when ordering with the team.

We schedule teams in 30 minute time slots per 5 players. A team of 15-20 players for example could expect to take 2 hours. I'd love to talk to you about what we can do for your team! Contact me at 651-271-7627 to discuss what may work best for your team.
Thanks so much!