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Welcome! I'm Kari Layland, a professional photographer in Minnesota, specializing in newborn, child, family and senior portraits.

You can view samples of my work on my website:
http://www.kariphotography.com/, or my blog: http://www.kariphotography.com/blog.

After receiving emails from countless aspiring photographers, I've decided to share my knowledge by teaching!

I've taught several full day group photography workshops since 2008 and have been focusing on one on one and small group (1-3 people) mentoring for the past 2 years. I've enjoyed every minute of it, made great friends along the way, and best of all, watched my students develop into wonderful photographers!  I've decided to narrow my teaching focus to one on one instruction.  I've found this has been the best way to learn, as it allows us to focus on your individual learning needs.  I don't have group workshops in my plans for the near future, but I will update here should those plans change. 

For information on my photography instruction, click the links to the left. If you're interested in one on one mentoring in your area, I'd love to hear from you! I am happy to travel. Contact me at
info@kariphotography.com for more information.


*For more information about me and to view my portfolio,

visit my website at http://www.kariphotography.com/,

or blog at http://www.kariphotography.com/blog.