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Tammy ‎Johnson said...
"I recently attended a one on one mentoringsession with Kari. We went over newborn posing, safety, lighting, editing, and even the business end of things. Kari has a great way of explaining things so that it's easy to understand. She's an exceptional artist as well. We had two baby models that day. Neither one wanted to sleep much but we managed to get some really nice shots when they did. We also had some unexpected everyday occurances that most would not anticipate, but Kari handled everything with great ease. The one on one mentoring session (7 hrs) gave me the confidence I needed. I have since done my first newborn session and have others scheduled. I would also like to note that Kari has gone out of her way to answer all of the questions I've emailed her since! She even went as far as to set up a skype session with me so that I could see her computer as she was editing. Who does that? I can't thank her enough for taking all the extra time to help me out! I highly recommend Kari's mentoring session! She really knows her stuff."

Gina said...

"Kari's workshops are phenomenal! Firstly she knows her stuff! Secondly, she's incredibly generous in sharing her expertise. I got so much out of our workshop - lots of personal attention, technical pointers, PS tips and techniques. I highly recommend her workshops, and am looking forward to the next series. "

Kathy said...

"I attended the 2008 June Workshop and if you're on the fence, sign up! Kari makes it so easy to learn. Even though many of us were at different levels I was so impressed that she was able to target all of our needs. My photography took a step to the next level plus I met some new friends that love what I love and we still get together."

Sue Sutliff said...

"I attended the August 08 workshop and loved it. Kari is very helpful and took time to answer all our questions. I took my nieces senior pictures and she loved them and her mom said I missed my calling. The after the workshop blog is great too to get answers to your questions after you take all the info that you learned home. I would highly recommend doing the workshop. It is soooo worth it."  - Sue

Jodi Vetsch said...

"I was fortunate enough to attend Kari's workshop and learned SO MUCH! Kari shares tips and tricks that she has learned over the past ten years - in one day, you will learn more than you would learn on your own in months or years! And one of the best parts was getting connected to an amazing network of others sharing the passion of photography!" - Jodi

S.Kremer said...

"Attending Kari's workshop was the best thing I did! I'm a hands on learner so this is exactly what I needed to help me improve my photography. It was helpful to watch her work with the models and see her in "action". Kari was very helpful in answering everyone's questions and gave awesome tips on how to improve. I would highly recommend attending one of her workshops - its worth every penny and then some!" ~ Shawna